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We repair and recondition your mobile devices

A technical background to serve your mobile fleet

Initially trained in microtechnology, Alexandre Burren launched into the world of mobile phone repairs late 2010 when he founded the Tel Store company.
Aiming to offer his partners high-quality offers, he soon surrounded himself with a team of specialised technicians.
Our industrial establishment is entirely dedicated to repairing and reconditioning mobile devices, and is located in the Loire-Atlantique region, near Nantes, spread out over a surface area of 2,000 m2.

A committed team to ensure long-lasting relations

Above and beyond our technical background, our approach is bolstered by a real spirit of human collaboration, founded on exchange, advice, quality and transparency. Motivated by these strong values, our entire team endeavours to build sound partnerships with its customers, based on a “win-win” approach. We also aim to make reliability and mutual respect a cornerstone of our long-lasting business collaborations.

This is how we were not only able to adapt to the phone world’s technological evolutions, but also forge our reputation as efficient workers.

Furthermore, the gender equality professional index calculated for the year 2020 is 82/100.

Our commitments

Tel Store is an industrial establishment spread out over 2,000 m2, based in Loire-Atlantique, that evolved in line with its market. Drawing on our experience and adaptation abilities, we forged a sound reputation with our partners. Nowadays, we lean on our experience with major insurance groups and mobile phone recycling professionals to reassert our simple yet crystal-clear goals:

  • To provide efficient and quick solutions for your mobile devices;
  • To uphold our commitments through a solid relationship based on exchange, advice and transparency;
  • To put our know-how and tools at your disposal, based on several years’ experience.

Our commitments in terms of quality

  • Monthly multi-brand repair rate higher than 80%
  • Rebound rate lower than 4% for SWAPs and repairs
  • Warranty durations for repairs: 3 months (can be extended to 6)
  • Immediate responsiveness and adaptation (direct exchanges with the technician)
  • Expert and high-quality technical interventions
  • After-sales service dedicated to customers
  • Integration of a dedicated server for backing up all your data and securing it thanks to a redundant storage system
  • High-security premises: cameras with 24/7 surveillance, armoured cabinet, access badges, etc.

Our commitments in terms of responsiveness

  • Arrivals are recorded on the day the product reaches the site
  • Expertise on the product is done on the day it reaches the site
  • Products are repaired within an average of D+2 days for repairs and standard SWAPs, and D+6 days for subcontracted products (APPLE SWAPs)
  • Information on non-repairable products is provided after a maximum of 2 days after receipt
  • Delivery within 24 to 48h