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Our commitments

Tel Store is an industrial establishment spread out over 2,000 m2, based in Loire-Atlantique, that evolved in line with its market. Drawing on our experience and adaptation abilities, we forged a sound reputation with our partners. Nowadays, we lean on our experience with major insurance groups and mobile phone recycling professionals to reassert our simple yet crystal-clear goals:

  • To provide efficient and quick solutions for your mobile devices;
  • To uphold our commitments through a solid relationship based on exchange, advice and transparency;
  • To put our know-how and tools at your disposal, based on several years’ experience.

Our commitments in terms of quality

  • Monthly multi-brand repair rate higher than 80%
  • Rebound rate lower than 4% for SWAPs and repairs
  • Warranty durations for repairs: 3 months (can be extended to 6)
  • Immediate responsiveness and adaptation (direct exchanges with the technician)
  • Expert and high-quality technical interventions
  • After-sales service dedicated to customers
  • Integration of a dedicated server for backing up all your data and securing it thanks to a redundant storage system
  • High-security premises: cameras with 24/7 surveillance, armoured cabinet, access badges, etc.

Our commitments in terms of responsiveness

  • Arrivals are recorded on the day the product reaches the site
  • Expertise on the product is done on the day it reaches the site
  • Products are repaired within an average of D+2 days for repairs and standard SWAPs, and D+6 days for subcontracted products (APPLE SWAPs)
  • Information on non-repairable products is provided after a maximum of 2 days after receipt
  • Delivery within 24 to 48h